Keap Mobile: Contact reschedule or cancel appointments

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

Reschedule appointment

  • Navigate to a contact record and tap the appointments card

  • Tap  "Reschedule"

  • A pre-filled email will be created requesting the contact to reschedule their appointment

  • Click the calendar in the bottom left to select a different booking link

  • Send the email

Note: Appointments will not automatically be rescheduled. The contact will still need to book a different time from the link sent within the reschedule email. Once that's done the original appointment will be updated with the new time.


To cancel appointment

  • In the appointment details tap on the more button (...)

  • Tap on cancel appointment

  • Tap on confirm

Note: the appointment will automatically cancel and send a cancellation confirmation to the user and to the contact that booked the original appointment.



Can I see all my appointments in one place in the Keap mobile app? 

At the current time, no. We do not have a place to see all your appointments. You only see the appointments when you go to a contact record that has a booked appointment or a past appointment.