Appointments Page

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From your Appointments page, you can manage your schedule, by Viewing, Rescheduling, or Canceling, appointments with ease. Quickly send emails to your customer asking them to schedule or grab your Booking Page link, which you can use within a campaign or through text message if you are using your mobile browser.

Note: To setup your Google Calendar click here and to setup your Outlook Calendar click here.

Appointments calendar

  1. Access Appointments from the left hand navigation

  2. On the right is the Calendar Display

  3. To the right of the Calendar Display is the Daily Schedule

  4. The light purple circle indicates Today's date

  5. The solid blue circle indicates the date you are currently on

  6. To the right of the current Month and Year is a Today button. When clicked the Daily Schedule will move to today.

Appointment view

Click an appointment to view details of the appointment. There are options to Reschedule or Cancel the appointment. For more information regarding rescheduling and/or canceling an appointment, click here

Appointment filtering

  1. Navigate to Appointments

  2. Click on Filter

  3. Check the calendars you want displayed under Show/hide Google Calendars

  4. You have a choice to Show all events or Show appointments only
    Click to view larger

Note: Calendar events are hidden from your view and only the appointments booked from Keap Appointments will be visible. Check boxes to show/hide calendars will disappear when you choose "Show appointments only".

Add Appointment type

  1. Navigate to the Appointments on the left menu
  2. Click Add type under Appointment types which is located under the calendar
    Continue setup process as previously documented here

  3. The newly created appointment types will be listed under the Appointment types

Edit appointments

  1. Navigate to the Appointments page
  2. Open the more options menu for the appointment type you want edit

  3. Click Edit

Sending appointment links

  1. Navigate to the Appointments page

  2. Click the Send invite
  3. Select which appointment link to send
  4. Enter the name of a contact and select them from the list
  5. Edit email body as needed
  6. Click Send when ready
  7. Or click the Text toggle to send the link in a text message
    Note: Sending a link via text requires Keap Business Line
  8. Customize the message as needed and click Send

Book Now- Book Appointment from Calendar

1. Click anywhere on the day view of the calendar in the Appointments tab

2. Click Who are you meeting with in the New Appointment box

3. Select a contact from the drop down, or click +Add to create a new contact record

4. Select an Appointment type

5. Select a date and time for the appointment an click Confirm

6. The appointment will populate on the contact record under the Meet tab, on your calendar, and on your Keap calendar. The contact will also receive an appointment confirmation email.

Send invite from a contact record

  1. Navigate to a contact record
  2. Click Meet
  3. Click on the Send invite
  1. Edit email body is needed

  2. Click Send when ready