Embed your booking calendar on your website

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You can embed your booking calendar directly in a page on your website. Click here to learn how to set up an appointment booking page in Keap.



This will only work with a WordPress.org website, not a WordPress.com website. If you have a WordPress.com site, you can't embed iframes on a page. Your only option would be to simply paste the booking link on the page so the booking page opes in a new tab on the browser.

  1.  Hover over a new block and choose to add a new HTML element

  2. Paste your appointment code into the code box

  3. Now, just update your page and view your embedded calendar

  4. You may want to tweak the height and width attributes in the code to get your desired look. For example, I changed the height to be "900px" instead of "100%" in order to get rid of the scroll bar.


  1. Click Add

  2. Scroll down and hover over the More option

  3. Choose HTML iframe

  4. Position the iframe on the page where you would like it

  5. Click Enter Code

  6. Making sure that the Code radio button is selected, paste the code into the text box and click Apply

  7. Publish your changes

  8. You can tweak the size of the scheduling calendar to better fit on the page. For example, you may want to stretch it downward until the scroll-bar is gone.


Note that Squarespace requires a business plan in order to embed JavaScript or use iframes.

  1. Click the + button to add a new element to the page

  2. Choose the Code option

  3. Delete the default code in the box, paste your embed code, then hit Apply.