Invoices - How to send from a contact record

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Create and send invoices from your app. You can even add a Pay now button so customers can easily pay online, and automatically send a follow up email when customers pay you. Ensure you have set up a merchant account to get paid.

Create an invoice from the contact record

  1. Navigate to a contact record
  2. Click More
  3. Click Add payment, invoice, or quote
  4. Click Add an invoice

Create an invoice 

  1. Add a line item by clicking Add line item

  2. Adjust the Due by date simply click the date and selecting using the date picker (Optional)

  3. Add a Discount and/or a Deposit


    • Add amount in either a percentage or dollar amount

    • If you want to remove the deposit click the trash can

  1. Add Notes and Terms

Pro-Tip! Invoice changes will auto-save

  1. When ready click "Next", which will direct you to an Email Editor to personalize your email. To find out more, click here .

More actions

The Invoice More actions drop down includes:

  1. Preview invoice
  2. Add a payment
  3. Print invoice
  4. Delete

Note: Once the invoice is Paid the More actions drop down will only have Preview invoice and Print invoice options
  1. When invoice has been sent you will receive this indication


  2. Once sent, the invoice card will appear as "Sentin the invoices area of the contact record.


  3. Your contact will receive an email with the link to the invoice.

    email link

  4. When your customer clicks the link they will be taken to their invoice.
  5. When they have viewed the invoice, the invoice card in the contact record will show viewed.

Pro Tip! The Paid and Refunded status displays inside the invoice.

  1. If you've created an invoice in error, or no longer need the invoice you can delete the invoice by clicking More Actions > Delete 



Can discounts be applied to an invoice?
Yes, you can apply a dollar- or percentage-based discount when creating an invoice. 

Can I edit an invoice after I’ve sent it?
Yes, you can edit an invoice after it’s been sent.  You will, however, need to re-send that invoice if you’d like your client to get the most up-to-date copy.

Can tax be applied to an invoice?
Currently tax must be manually calculated and entered as a product on the invoice.

Will invoices trigger automation?
Yes, you can use the Product Purchased Goal with invoices so that a successful payment results in automation being triggered.