Custom fields management

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You can create custom fields for your contact and company records. Keap Lite and Pro customers can create up to 100 custom fields for contact records, while Keap Max customers can create 150 contact custom fields. All customers can also create up to 100 custom company fields that are distinct from your contact custom fields. 

The field type you choose should correspond with the type of data you want to store in a way that satisfies your end goal for the data (i.e. reporting, merge field, etc.).

Access Custom Fields Management

  1. Click on your user avatar and choose Settings

  2. Click Custom fields in the settings options

  3. Select if you want to manage your contact or company custom fields

Create and add a custom contact field

  1. From the custom fields management page click theicon above the list of custom fields

  2. Name your custom field

  3. Select your custom field type

  4. Select if you want the custom field to always be visible on all contacts in the edit view (otherwise it will need to be added to a contact manually)

  5. Click Create field

Organize custom contact fields

  • You can search for custom fields by adding keywords to the search area

  • Click theicon to organize your custom fields alphabetically or reverse alphabetically and group by field type

  • Theicon allows you to choose which field types appear in the list of custom fields within the customer field manager

Edit a custom contact field

  1. Select the custom field you want to edit

  2. Decide what details you want to edit on the custom field

  3. Edit the custom field

  4. Click Save changes

Delete a custom contact field

Warning: This will delete the field and any data it contained for your contacts. Consider how many contacts are using this field before deleting.

  1. Select the custom field you want to delete

  2. Click Delete field

  3. Confirm by clicking Delete field again