Promo codes on Checkout Forms

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Give your customers an additional reason to buy with a discount promo code to use on Keap's checkout forms. Promo codes allow you to create exclusive discounts that you can share with specific leads or specific stages in your buyers' journey. 

As an additional benefit, you can see reporting as to which promo codes bring you the most business. Track which marketing initiative works best or even track referrals or affiliates with specific promo codes they can share. 

Create a promo code

  1. Click on your avatar and select Settings

  2. Select Products and services

  3. Click Promo Code from the Add dropdown button
  4. Name your promo code
  5. Set your promo code to Active
  6. Add a description
  7. Choose to give a flat amount discount or discount a percentage for the order
  8. (Optional) Set a time frame that the promo code is valid for
  9. Review your promo code and click Save

Allow promo codes for a checkout form

  1. Navigate to checkout forms
  2. Edit or create a checkout form
  3. In the "Setup" step, toggle promo codes on
  4. (optional) If you do not have any promo codes set up or want to create a new one, click Add promo code to quickly create one
  5. Share your promo code with a link to your checkout form to entice customers to buy now

Promo code reporting

  1. Navigate to Products and services from Settings
  2. Click Promo codes to view your codes and how many times they have been used
  3. Click theicon and select Performance
  4. Review past promo code uses and filter by customer, amount, or purchase date


How will promo codes work with recurring products and services?
Promo codes will apply to the first payment of the recurring product. Subsequent payments will be at full price.

How many promo codes can my customers apply?
One promo code can be applied at a time.

How do I enable promo codes on a checkout form?
In the "setup" step of your checkout form, toggle the promo code on to have the promo code field available for use on your checkout form. If you toggle the promo code field off, your customers will not be able to enter a promo code on that checkout form

How do the active dates on promo codes work?
If you do not use the active dates option, your promo code will remain active indefinitely 

How do I track how my promo code is doing?
In settings > products and services > promo codes, you'll be able to track how many times a certain code was used and how much in sales you've generated by customers who used that code at checkout.

What does making a code inactive do?
If you make a promo code inactive, that promo code will no longer discount any products or services. It's recommended to make a code inactive vs. deleting your code so that you can still view the performance of that code in the future.