October 07, 2021 | Keap

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Promo codes now available

We are now offering promo codes to help you increase your sales by giving you an additional lever to pull. You can also track the performance to find out which promo codes and affiliates have given you the best results. Learn more.

Marketing text message templates

You can now create text message templates to use in Advanced Automations and Broadcasts. Using templates will allow you to simplify the process of sending repeat messages. Learn more.

2-step authentication

2-step authentication is a method to increase the security of your account by confirming your identity via two factors: your password and a security code generated by an authenticator app on your phone that only you possess. Learn More.

Bug fixes

  • An error message was displayed for some users when they attempted to generate a Legacy API key in Pro and Max

  • The "Send a Text" action was missing from Easy Automations for Lite apps

  • An internal setting prevented campaign links with merge fields from being populated

  • Forms could still be submitted even if some required custom fields were empty