August 20, 2021 | Keap

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Dashboard update: New widgets for contacts, leads, and clients

The Contacts, New Leads, and New Clients widgets on your Dashboard make it easy to see changes in your contact list size. These widgets report crucial metrics for your business and can help you identify where you can focus to continue to grow your business. Learn more.

Appointments update: Create powerful automation from your Appointments page

You can now automate your follow up as you create and manage your appointments. While you’ve already been able to trigger Easy Automations based off of appointments activity, you had to navigate to various pages in Keap to do so. Now you have access to your appointments and automations in one place so that you can save time and stay focused. Learn more.

XML-RPC API update: ContactNotes field truncated when over 10,000 characters

As of Aug 18, 2021, any contactNotes stored via Keap’s XML-RPC API that are longer than 10,000 characters will now be truncated down to 10,000 characters. If you are using our XML-RPC API to store contactNotes, we recommend ensuring you are not attempting to store contact notes beyond this limit.

Bug fixes

  • After updating which links triggered a link click goal, the goal would switch to “Not ready”.
  • All users had access to the “Delete” button for Broadcast drafts, but only the user who created the draft could delete it.