August 12, 2021 | Keap

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Text Message Broadcasts and Automated Text Messages

You can now send automated text messages through Easy and Advanced Automations! Pro and Max users can also now send text message broadcasts to their contacts. Text messages have a 94% open rate and are a highly effective tool in your communications toolbox. Leverage the high open rates of text marketing to increase conversion, connect directly with clients, and overcome the chaos of growing your business. Learn more.

Forms update: Create powerful automation from your Forms page

You can now automate your follow up as you create and manage your forms. While you’ve already been able to trigger Easy Automations based off of form activity, you had to navigate to various pages in Keap to do so. Now you have access to your forms and automations in one place so that you can save time and stay focused. Learn more.

Keap mobile 2.5.0: New dialer improvements to help you stay connected

The newest version of Keap Mobile is now available on Apple and Android devices. This update includes updates to your Keap Business Line dialer to make it easier to stay connected with your contacts. Now the dialer will display your device’s contacts and Keap contacts as you dial, shows your 5 most recent contacts, and includes a button to create and send a text message.

Money update: Customize your Checkout Forms

You can now collect more information from customers while getting paid. Your Checkout Forms have new customization options to include additional fields and match your brand styling. These updates eliminate the need for follow up forms or calls, reducing friction in your sales process, and give your customers a consistent experience as they check out. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • The "Sent these contacts an email" filter did not always return an accurate list of contacts based on the selections made (Known Issue 2488145).
  • When filling out a public form on iPhone and iPad, the options for custom drop-down and phone type fields were obscured by the keyboard.