August 5, 2021 | Keap

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Money update: Sales taxes for products and invoices

It’s safe to put the calculator away now that you can add sales taxes to your products. As you create an invoice, you can add sales tax to any products and Keap will calculate the total. You can also configure your products to always include specific tax rates when they are added to invoices. Learn more.

Companies update: Add contacts and details as you create new companies

Now when you create a new company record, you are able to associate contacts and details (like phone numbers, addresses, and much more)to the company. Plus, company records include a new “About” field so you can store general information about a company without using one of your company custom fields. Learn more.

Dashboard update: Share contact lists with your team

Your admin users can help get the team up and running by sharing a contact list dashboard widget with other users. Not only does this save time since a widget only has to be created once, it also keeps your team secure by eliminating the need for admins to log in to other user’s accounts. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Attempting to view text messages from the contact record resulted in continuous loading if the contact had no text message history. (Known Issue 2478680)
  • When creating an order via the Keap Mobile app, the amount due was sometimes incorrect.