WePay - why was my withdrawal cancelled or charged back?

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WePay closed its UK operations in August 2023. Customers will not be able to add a new WePay connection to their Keap account. There will be more information to come.

If you've received an email or notification that a withdrawal was cancelled or created a charge-back, this could be for a couple of reasons:

  • The username on the WePay account (the name in the gray bar at the top of the WePay account homepage) does not match the legal name listed on the bank account.
  • The bank account and/or routing number(s) entered do not match what the bank has on file (sometimes from a typo when entered.)

If the bank account had incorrect information, it may have been deleted and the funds would have been returned to your WePay payment account. To be sure we are able to send the funds back out to you, please be sure to enter your updated bank information as soon as possible.

To add or update the bank account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WePay account
  2. Go to the right-hand side and click the grey gear icon that says Settings
  3. Click the Withdrawals tab from the left side of the page
  4. Click the blue button that says Link your bank account
  5. Enter in the routing number, account number, and bank name for your account (if you are unsure about any of this information, please reach out directly to your bank to confirm.)
  6. Indicate if this is a checking or savings account
  7. Choose how often you want your money sent to you in the future after this withdrawal is corrected and sent
  8. Click Continue and you’re all set!
  9. The new withdrawal will initiate the next business day and takes 2-5 business days to arrive.