Invoices - Auto Reminders

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As a small business owner, it’s hard to keep track of which clients you’ve sent an invoice to, and then remember to follow-up with clients that haven’t yet paid.  Keap now helps you follow-up, by sending you reminders and getting that email started.

How it works

  1. You send an invoice to your client.
  2. Two business days after the invoice was sent, if the invoice has not been viewed or paid,  an email reminder will be sent to the User who initially created the account.  
    • Click “Preview and send reminder”, which will direct you to a pre-populated email located within your account. You can modify the default text or send as is.  
      Email to user
      Pre-populated email

  1. Three business days later, if the invoice still has not been viewed or paid, then another email reminder and the option to send your customer an email will be sent to the User who initially created the account.  
    • In addition to the reminder email a task will automatically be created within your "Task dashboard". You can access the task from your "Task" page  or "Home" page

Note: At this point, the automation is complete and no more email reminders will be sent.


Can I turn off automatic reminders?
No, these reminders are not configurable at this time.

Can I change the number of days before the email reminders go out?
No, these reminders are not configurable.

Will I receive a reminder email for invoices that I created but did not send?
No, auto-reminders are only sent for invoices that have been sent, but not viewed or paid.

If I get an email reminder about an invoice, does my client also get automatically reminded?
No, this is only a reminder for the Keap app owner (the first user that signed up for Infusionsoft).

Do I have to send the email reminder to my client?
No, you can choose to not send the email to your client.