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Improve appointment attendance with email reminders

Keap will automatically send an email reminder to your contacts that have set appointments with you in Keap Appointments.  One reminder goes out 24 hours before the appointment, and another goes out 1 hour before. 

How appointment reminders work

  1. Appointment gets created. For more information, click here

  2. Appointment reminder is emailed to the contact 24-hours before the Appointment's scheduled time

  3. Appointment reminder is emailed to the contact 1-hours before the Appointment's scheduled time

    1. Customers can easily add an upcoming appointment (via an ics file) to their native calendar resulting in increased successful meetings.


Appointments .ics files

  1. After an appointment is booked a confirmation with .ics file gets emailed to Contact as attachment

  2. Contact taps ics file attachment

  3. Contact installs ics file to local calendar

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Click here to see more info on how to setup an Easy Automations for when someone schedules an Appointment with you! 


How many email reminders will the Contact receive?

Two.  One email reminder will go out 24-hours before the appointment and another will go out 1-hour before the appointment

How many email reminders will the Contact receive if their appointment was created with only 20 hours until the appointment?

One.  If the appointment is created with fewer than 24 hours until the scheduled appointment time, then the Contact will only receive the 1-hour appointment reminder.

Are Keap Users sent reminders?

Yes, when a reminder is sent to your client, one is also sent to you!

Will ics files be compatible with Outlook?

Yes, ics files are widely recognized as a standard calendar file.  Outlook365, Outlook, Gmail, etc...