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This article reviews the in’s and out’s of Appointments. Learn about all the possibilities and time management you can achieve with one simple tool.

Appointment URLs

How is the booking page link determined?
Your appointment booking link is created once you set up your URL. It uses the following format:

For example, if your name is John Doe and you’ve created a booking page link for a “consultation”, your URL would be:

The domain will always be 

Are all web browsers supported for appointment booking?
No. While you can use Internet Explorer and Edge to interact with the web app to connect your Google calendar, set your availability, etc., these browsers are not supported for your clients to schedule an appointment. In other words, if you send your client a link and they’re using either Internet Explorer or Edge, they won’t be able to use your link.

What happens to the booking page link when two people have the same username?
If your name is John Doe and you’re the first to set up your booking page link, and another person named John Doe sets up a page after you, a numeral will be added to their URL. 

For example:

URL for you (First John Doe):

URL for Second John Doe:

For each additional John Doe that creates an appointment link, the next numeral will be added to the end of the username (johndoe1, johndoe2, etc.)

Where can I share my booking page link?
Currently, you can share your booking page link via email and on your website.

For your email:
If you send an invite from the booking page settings, the link is automatically included in the suggested email copy. To include the link in any email sent from outside of the native Appointments feature, simply copy your link and paste it into the body of your email. 

For your website:
Once you’ve added a button to a page on your site, simply paste in your URL to drive your clients to your booking page. 

Is it possible to automate sending out my booking page link?
Yes. At the end of a setup flow, you’ll get a URL for your appointment type that you set up and you can add that to any email for clients to be able to book appointments from.

Can I manually add an appointment or do I have to do it through a booking page link?
Yes, you can manually add an appointment. You can open your booking page link and fill in the information based on your client’s preferences. Be sure to validate their email address is correct so they receive all confirmation and follow-up messages related to your appointment. 

If I switch to Keap from Infusionsoft by Keap, will I see my existing appointments?
No. Because Appointments isn’t available in Infusionsoft, your data won’t carry over. You’ll need to manually add any appointments you’ve created and are used to seeing under the My Day feature. 

Can you send an appointment request to someone who is not a contact? Would that set them up as a contact?
Yes. Once your contact completes the request they’ll be added to your account as a new contact. Infusionsoft will also check your existing contacts to avoid any contact duplication.

Can anyone share my booking page link? 
Yes. Your link can be shared without limitations. For example, if an existing client wants to refer you to another potential contact, they can simply share your link. 

Calendar Management

Is there any chance clients can book days and times when I’m not available?

No. In the booking page settings, you can turn off days and times when you’re not available so clients can only select the times you specify. 

In addition, by integrating with your Google Calendar, Infusionsoft can read events that are already planned on all of your connected calendars, making those times automatically unbookable. 

Is a client able to see the details of appointments on my calendar?
No. Clients can’t see your Google Calendar details from the appointment booking page. They can only see your available time slots. 

Can my clients or I reschedule appointments?
Yes. You and your clients both have the ability to reschedule. You can do so by clicking on the appointment within your Infusionsoft calendar, and your client can by clicking on their confirmation email.

Can two clients booking at the same time accidentally double book my time?
The chances of this happening are very low because appointments get created instantly. If you do come across this issue, please report it to our Customer Support team. 

How much time passes between when the appointment is created and when it shows up on a users’ Google Calendar?
From what we’ve measured so far, it is near instantaneous. If there is a noticeable delay, please report it to our Customer Support team.

Can my clients easily add our booked appointment to their native calendar?
Yes, an .ics file will be displayed on the appointment booking page and in the confirmation email once your client books.

Can I have a shared calendar with my employees?
Because Keap Appointments is connected to Google Calendars, this setup is possible through Google. If you’ve created a shared calendar in Google, each user on your account will have access to your shared calendar.

Are the appointments stored in Google or in Keap? If I accidentally delete an appointment, can the data be retrieved?
Eventually, yes. Appointments are currently written and retrieved directly from Google (rather than stored in Keap and synced). If you accidentally delete an appointment, you’ll need to contact Google Support. In the future, Keap will store the appointments in case there is a Google outage. You may also choose to manually reschedule the appointment with the client. 

Where can I see a record of all appointment data for my clients? (Scheduled, canceled, rescheduled, etc.)
Currently, appointment events will not be stored on the client’s activity feed. However, this will be available on both the mobile and desktop applications in the near future (before the end of 2018). 

If I accidentally delete a contact from my account, what happens to their appointment details?
After removing a contact from within Infusionsoft, any appointments that they had scheduled with you will remain on your Google Calendar as well as your Keap calendar. You’ll just be unable to link to the contact from the appointment event on the Keap calendar (like you were able to before removing the contact).

Google Accounts

What if I don’t use Google Calendar?  Will Microsoft (Office365,, Exchange) or Apple iCloud be supported?
We plan to offer support for Office365 later this year. Support for additional cloud accounts are still being considered. 

In the meantime, you can create a Google Calendar here and start using the Appointments tool immediately. 

Can I connect multiple Google accounts?
No, you can only connect one unique Google Calendar per account.

Does disconnecting from Google Calendar delete my existing appointments?
No. Disconnecting from Google Calendar won’t cause you to lose your booked appointments, but it will remove any various appointment types you configured during setup. 

What happens when I disconnect my Google account from Keap?
When you disconnect your Google account from Keap, you’ll be prompted to confirm your choice. Once a Google account is disconnected from Keap, existing appointment types tied to your account will be deleted and clients with your link will see an “Oops” page when they try to open it. 

If you reconnect and recreate the previous appointment type using the same name, the same URL will be generated that was originally shared (either with a new Google account or the original account).  Then clients will be able to resume booking with you using that link. Note: this is assuming another user in your account with the same name hasn’t set up their first appointment type.

For more detailed information, click here

Advanced Needs

Will existing appointments that I’ve already scheduled from the contact record prior to this new feature releasing be shown or sync’d with Google?
No. Appointments shown on the contact record are only appointments that contacts have scheduled using the new Appointments feature. If an appointment was previously added on a contact record, once the new Appointments feature is released, those will be overwritten. We may eventually offer a one-way sync of existing appointments to get existing events added to Google Calendar. 

Is there any automation that can be setup to run, based on a client scheduling? 
Not yet. We still need to build in logic for appointment scheduled, canceled, rescheduled, etc.

If you delete the contact, does it delete their appointments? Is there record of the deletion?
No. The appointment is still stored on the Google calendar. The appointment will be deleted when a user or client cancels the appointment through Infusionsoft or if the user goes to the Google calendar and deletes it there.

Are we making appointment creation for this feature available for 3rd party API calendar syncing?
No. We do not currently have plans to offer open API for developers regarding appointment scheduling.