Invoices - Create and Send an Invoice

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Send professional invoices and track their status in one central location. Automatically send a follow up email once the customer pays an invoice.

Pro-Tip! You can also send from within the Contact Record. Click here to find out more.

Dashboard View

  1. Click on "Money" tab in navigation

  2. By default you will be on the "Invoice" tab, which will display any invoices that you've created

  3. If you haven't created an invoice you will see this view to send a test invoice. Once you've sent an invoice this dialog will disappear.

Connect your Bank

  1. If a merchant account has not been connected, the "Connect your bank" dialog will appear

    1. When clicking "Connect your bank" you will be prompted to connect or create a merchant account with the supported providers, once done, the dialog will no longer be there.

    2. Click "New Invoice" button located at top right of page to create a new invoice

How to Create and Send your invoice

  1. Select or add a contact

  2. Add a line item by clicking "Add line item"

  3. Adjust the Due by date simply click the date and selecting using the date picker (Optional)

Add a Discount and/or a Deposit


• Add amount in either a percentage or dollar amount


• If you want to remove the deposit click the trash can

Credit Card Toggle

  1. Scroll to "Accept credit card"

  2. Flip the Toggle on/off

    1. The "Pay Now" button will be removed from invoice if toggle is set to off

    2. The "Pay Now" button will reappear if the toggle is set to on

Add Notes and Terms

By typing in the notes and terms section of the invoice

Pro-Tip! Invoice changes will auto-save

  1. When ready click "Next", which will direct you to an Email Editor to personalize your email. To find out more, click here .

More Actions

The Invoice "More Actions" drop down includes:

  1. Preview invoice
  2. Add a payment
  3. Print invoice
  4. Delete

Note: Once the invoice is Paid the "More Actions" drop down will only have "Preview invoice" & "Print invoice"

View Recent Invoices & Search Invoices

  1. On this page you can view recent invoices and search all invoices.

  2. Invoices are shown in order of most recent

  3. Typing "Paid" will show all invoices in "Paid" status, same is true for "Draft", "Viewed", and "Sent". This page is limited to the most recent 1,000 invoices currently, the limit will be lifted in the future.

Pro Tip! The "Paid" and "Refunded" status displays in the invoice.

Mobile Browser

Invoices are now even easier to use on the go. Create them anywhere, send them directly from your mobile device, and get paid fast. 

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Can I schedule invoices to be sent at a future date?
For the initial version of invoices, you will not be able to schedule the email to send at a later date, we will be working on releasing this shortly after initial release.

Can I schedule recurring invoices?
For the initial version of invoices, you will not be able to schedule the email to send at a later date.  We will be working on releasing this shortly after initial release.

Can I edit an invoice after I’ve sent it?
Yes, you can edit an invoice after it’s been sent.  You will, however, need to re-send that invoice if you’d like your client to get the most up-to-date copy.

Can tax be applied to an invoice?
Currently tax cannot be applied to an invoice. Shortly after initial release we will allow customers to add tax as a percentage or a dollar amount within the invoice.

Will invoices trigger automation?
You can use the purchase goal with invoices so that a successful credit card payment results in that goal being triggered.

*payments processed on invoices will be subject to the merchant transaction fee associated with the payment processor