October 15, 2021 | Keap

This article applies to:

Automatic contact type updates

When certain key activities are completed, the contact type on a contact record is automatically updated to Lead or Client. Learn more.

Bulk updates for contact types

Now you can update contact types for multiple contacts via the contacts list. Learn more.

Change contact type from the list view

Contact types can be selected and changed directly inside a contact list view instead of having to click into the contact record. Learn more.

New email builder

We have released a new email builder for our Lite customers. A wide range of new editing options and design choices are now available for emails. Learn more.

Easy Automations in forms

It is now simpler to automate public and internal forms because you can now add automations as you set up the form. Learn more.

Set up Keap Business Line from your desktop

You no longer need to download the mobile app to create a Keap Business Line. Everything will be available from the desktop app under Messages. Learn more.

Text marketing templates

Using Easy Automations, you can now create your text message content based on templates and create your own templates. Learn more.

Suggested merge fields in tasks

When you use an Easy Automation that creates a task, Keap will recommend merge fields to help you personalize tasks.

Bug fixes

  • Previously created tax options don't show up when creating a new product or editing an existing product unless a new tax is added while creating the product, or the taxes tab is loaded first
  • When a previously created invoice is accessed from the contact record, and a payment is added to that invoice, the "X" that would appear in the top left to close the invoice disappears

  • When a checkout form is created and additional contact fields are added, if the payment on the form fails, those added contact fields are not saved to the contact record

  • Internal forms Address fields do not appear in keap in a published form

  • Quotes, Invoices, and Recurring Invoices are not sending when using the Send/Send Email option