October 8, 2020 | Keap

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Campaigns update: New Appointments goal

Managing Appointments is even more hassle-free with this Campaigns goal addition. Stop or start automation whenever someone schedules, reschedules, or cancels an appointment. Increase your attendance, help your contacts be better prepared, or follow up to get a new appointment on the books. Learn more.

Keap Mobile v2.0

We’re thrilled to share that Keap 2.0 has arrived on your mobile device with new ways to communicate and get paid. 

  • Invoices are now available on mobile! You can create, edit, and send invoices, even when you’re on the go.
  • You now have a communications command center that’s as simple as it is powerful, with one thread for every interaction, from calls to voicemails to texts. 
  • Manage your conversation threads with swipe actions to mark them read or unread.

Bug fixes

  • The Messages page was blank when viewing messages sent to or from a Campaign. (Known Issue 2173537)
  • Saved contact lists that included date field criteria could not be edited. 
  • When using the email broadcast builder in Keap, adding contacts before creating a subject line results in an error that says "unable to add contact".