Mark a message as unread

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Mark a conversation as unread to remind yourself to follow up later. There are two ways to mark a conversation as unread: swipe the conversation or mark a specific message.

Swipe to mark as unread

  1. Open the Communications tab of your Keap app
  2. Swipe the conversation from right to left
  3. Tap Unread
  4. The conversation will now have a badge indicating one unread item
  5. You can use the same swipe right to left gesture to mark unread messages as read

Mark a message as unread

Note: Only messages can me marked as unread. The option is not available for calls.

  1. Open the Communication tab of your Keap app
  2. Open a conversation thread
  3. Tap on a message
  4. Tap Mark as unread
  5. An unread indicator is added to your conversation thread

View all unread communications

See where you need to follow up with the Unread tab in your Communication.