October 22, 2020 | Keap

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Introducing: Zapier for Keap

Zapier allows you to connect Keap with outside tools to automate your work. Whether you want to immediately add new Facebook Lead Ads contacts to Keap, or add survey responses to a contact record, there’s a wealth of possibilities that just opened up with Zapier. Together, Zapier and Keap can help you get more done, faster. Find suggestions of how to best use Zapier with Keap in Settings > Integrations. Learn more.

Lead forms update: Create multiple lead forms

With the ability to create more than one lead form, you can now capture contact information in a variety of settings. Create unlimited lead forms, customize each one, then embed the form on your website or share it with a direct link. Learn more.

Forms update: Lead forms and Smart forms are now combined in Settings

You can now find and manage all your forms in one place. Smart forms and Lead forms are now located in Forms in the Settings menu. Learn more.

Contacts update: Contact first and last names can now start with lowercase letters

Save your contacts as intended with the ability to start names with lowercase letters. (Previously, the first letter defaulted to upper case.) This is important when adding contacts with multipart names, such as Vincent van Gogh.

Bug fixes

  • Fax numbers were not visible on contact records even though they could be imported to Keap or collected with lead forms and campaigns.