October 1, 2020 | Keap

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New feature: Enjoy better contact organization with Companies

Now you can organize your contacts by company, making it easier to view and interact with them. See all of your companies in one simplified view, complete with a search bar for quick access. Plus, the ability to edit and delete companies. Learn more.

Contacts update: Manage email marketability on contact record

You can now view email marketability status from your contact record details page. Keeping a healthy, engaged list helps your emails reach the intended destination and avoid the dreaded spam trap. You can even send confirmation emails to contacts who are unengaged, unconfirmed, and more. Learn more

Easy Automations update: View and remove contacts

Get better insight about your Easy Automations. You can now see how many contacts are in each automation, and you have the ability to remove them when necessary. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Connecting multiple field timers in a sequence could result in an error reading "Must configure this timer to occur after previous timers." despite the timers being in chronological order. (Known Issue 2163729)
  • Receipts were not always sent when adding a payment from a credit card even if the “Send receipt” checkbox was selected.