Public forms
Easily capture leads with a public form. Create your form in just a couple of minutes, then share it wherever you wish you capture contact information, such as your website, Facebook page, or Instagram account. Leads who provide their email when fil...
Internal forms
No two businesses are alike. With a custom internal form, you can add fields that are specific to your business process, allowing you to capture all the essential details when adding a new contact. Design your form with the right fields for accuracy...
Forms automation
You can automate your follow up as you create and manage your forms with access to your Easy Automations on the Forms page.
Adding Text Opt-in on Public Forms
When sending a text message broadcast or sending a text message with automation, the first message that the contact is sent is preceded by an opt-in text that will ask the contact if they want to receive messages from your business. While consent is paramount in sending marketing text messages, this can cause friction in the communication experience. Instead, offer new leads the option to opt-in for marketing texts on a public form.