February 02, 2023 | Keap

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Bug Fixes

  • When an application was using Greek lettering in their custom field names, the content step in an email broadcast loaded an empty page.
  • When an application had more than one pipeline, and when deal outcomes were named differently between each pipeline, the deal status options displayed the deal outcomes from the last viewed pipeline when editing a deal from the contact record. Or the deal status options displayed the default deal outcomes if no pipeline had been viewed.
  • The custom submit button text on an internal form displayed correctly when adding a new contact using the internal form, but when submitting the internal form from an existing contact record, the text on the button always read "Update Contact".

  • When you clicked on the email address of a contact under the "Phone, email, and fax" header in order to send an email, after composing the email, when you clicked "Send", the email didn't send, and an error message appeared saying "Something went wrong and we couldn't send your email. Please try again". 
  • Under some circumstances, Landing Pages didn't submit data when fields were filled in from a Campaign Email link. 
  • When importing contacts with billing address information, certain column names prevented the billing address information from being recognized and added to the contact record upon import.

  • When you copied a previously sent text broadcast or opened a draft, and your number hadn't been verified, you were not prompted to submit the form to verify your phone number.

  • When importing contacts with a file that contains a column name of "Billing Address" an error would appear which reads: "Something went wrong and we couldn't import your contacts. Please try again."
  • Sometimes Tag categories were not showing and would be removed if a tag was saved
  • Sometimes appointments were skipping available times on a user's Google Calendar. Then a few minutes later, they would appear if you retry the appointment a couple of minutes later