January 20, 2023 | Keap

This article applies to:

Apple/Google Pay with Stripe

If you are using a Stripe merchant account, you now have the ability to accept Google Pay or Apple Pay on checkout forms. Learn More.

Apply Tags to New Landing Page form submission

You can now apply a tag when someone fills out a specific form on a landing page. This comes in handy when you use multiple forms and want to segment them based on which form or forms they filled out. And with the power of automation, you can create an Easy or Advanced automation based on the tag applied! Learn More.

Playbook Widget

The Playbook widget allows immediate access to your checklist tutorials anywhere in the product. Instead of going back and forth between various areas of Keap and then back to the Getting Started checklist page, the floating Playbook widget is always with you as you are setting things up. As you move around different areas in Keap, the checklist remains persistent. Learn More.

Bug fixes

  • When sending an email using the new email builder, there was an erroneous option to create a click to call link which isn't supported so it was removed.
  • Emails created in the new builder failed to send if the user with a name that contains a comma was in the from address.
  • Adding or removing multiple tags to a mass action only applied contacts containing the first tag.
  • When clicking more actions > preview in an invoice, the invoice # was empty when viewing the preview and when clicking to print the invoice from the preview.
  • When an invoice is created and the payment method has "accept credit cards" unchecked, and "accept PayPal" checked, the invoice was missing the pay button when the contact viewed the invoice link.
  • Invoices with recurring payments showed that the contact would be billed in the future even if their initial payment had failed and no active recurring payment was successfully created.
  • In the new email builder, templates always left aligned the File Download button when sent out.