Keap Business Line: Port a Sideline number

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

If you already have a phone number for your business with Sideline, Keap can port your number to our partner Twilio so that you can use your existing number with Keap Business Line. When you have collected the required information, you can submit your request in your Keap mobile app.

Warning: We do not recommend porting over a number you use for personal calls. Porting the number of the device you use for personal calls will disable your phone from receiving or making outbound calls.

Unlock your Sideline number

Before you begin the phone porting process with Keap, you must unlock your Sideline number to port it out. Sideline charges $19.99 to port your number out.

To unlock your number, open the Sideline app on your mobile device, go to Settings, select Get Help, then choose Port-Out Number. On this page you’ll be able to pay $19.99 to unlock your Sideline number and get the information you need. 

Information you’ll receive from Sideline

After paying the $19.99 fee, Sideline will send you the following information in 3-5 business days: 

  • Phone number
  • Account number 
  • PIN number

Once you receive this information, you can submit it in the phone porting section of your Keap mobile app by navigating to Settings, selecting Messaging and Phone, and choosing Port a number.

Required information for your port request

Account number 

  • This will be provided by Sideline


  • This will be provided by Sideline 

Billing address

  • Because Sideline does not provide a billing address, you can use your home address when completing the request

Image of your billing statement

  • Take a screenshot of your subscription settings in the Sideline app
  • To view your subscription settings, navigate to the Settings portion of the Sideline app and select Sideline subscription