May 14, 2020 | Keap

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Keap Business Line: Teamwork makes the dream work with multi-line call forwarding

Forward your calls to up to 5 people. Everyone receives the call at the same time and the first to answer wins. Not that it’s a competition, but in a speed-to-lead world, urgency counts. Find multi-call forwarding under Messaging and Phone in the Settings menu. Learn more.

Keap Mobile: Hooray for mobile tag management

Toggling back and forth between your mobile app and desktop app to make changes to your tags is a thing of the past with this update. Now, you can create, edit, and delete tags right from your mobile app. Just click into the details of any contact record, tap on any tag and choose to edit your tags. Learn more.

Keap Mobile: Now available in the UK

We're thrilled to bring Keap mobile to our friends across the pond! Manage your contacts, tasks, and appointments across your devices.  

Campaign Builder update: Years option available for Delay and Field Timers

Good things come to those who wait, so we added a “years” option to Delay and Field Timers in the Campaign Builder. You no longer need to stack multiple timers to trigger a sequence more than one year in the future. Almost as exciting as time travel.

Bug Fixes

  • Contacts were being duplicated when using the QuickBooks Online Integration instead of updating existing contacts. (Known Issue 1867125)
  • Deal stages could not be updated from the contact record for deals created from a campaign process when the contact was created by the Infusionsoft API. (Known Issue 2031973)