May 28, 2020 | Keap

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Appointments update: Introducing Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration

Do you use Microsoft Outlook Calendar? Many of you have asked for it, and the wait is over. Connect your calendar today to start inviting your contacts to meet with a link, or book for them directly. Connect right from the Appointments feature in your left hand navigation. Learn more.

Email signature: Add your company and address details

Details matter, especially when it comes to helping your leads and clients know how to reach out. You can now add your company name, email address, and title to your email signature. Simply add it in Settings > My profile and it will populate in your email signature. You can even preview it right on the page. Learn more.

Reports update: See everything display in your app's time zone

We’re happy to say that we’ve made a small, but important improvement to Reports that we’re confident will allow you to spend less time thinking about the time stamp, and more time digging into the data. All dates and times now display in your app's time zone.

Campaign Builder update: New options in “Set field value” process

Get more use out of your fields with the new “Clear existing field value” option. Do you run ongoing surveys, campaigns, or contests? This option will come in handy, allowing you to reuse fields over and over rather than creating new ones each time. Access this option from Campaign Builder > Sequence > Process. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • The live chat button was missing from some Keap apps, preventing customers from chatting with Support. (Known Issue 2024243)
  • In the advanced email builder, the buttons to navigate between pages of recipients were not working. (Known Issue 2029350)