March 11, 2021 | Keap

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Keap Business Line update: Introducing multi-line outbound calling

Make the Keap mobile app a team tool. In addition to being able to receive inbound Keap calls, now up to 4 additional users can make calls using your Keap Business Line. Once you’ve added your selected users, all your team needs to do is download the app, and they’re all set to start calling. Keep in mind that all authorized users will have access to conversations on the Comms tab. Learn more

Companies update: Easier browsing with list pages

Your Companies list has been separated into pages to make finding specific companies easier and to improve performance. Each page will contain up to 50 companies and you can quickly jump between them with the handy buttons at the bottom of the list. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • The Companies list search would not display results with the word “company” in their name. (Known Issue 2342079)
  • Campaigns installed from the Keap Marketplace with decision diamonds that contained actions for when a contact did not meet any of the given criteria always reverted to “Remove from campaign,” regardless of how they were originally published. (Known Issue 2327859)
  • In the Companies list, the A-Z and Z-A sorting options did not update the order of the contacts. (Known Issue 2337778)