November 11, 2021 | Keap

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Update to dashboard widgets

The widgets will be rearranged in the dashboard so you can see how growth is occurring in key areas more quickly and intuitively. The new order will be contacts, new leads, new clients, repeat clients, sales, quotes, invoices. Learn more.

Stop sending to text-capable numbers

Your Keap Marketing Number will stop sending messages to non-text-capable numbers (e.g. landlines) and a designation will be added to the contact record.

Expanded character count for an opt-in message

It is now simpler to automate processes for appointments because you can now add automations as you create an appointment booking link.

Send test broadcast emails

You can use the new email builder to send test emails before sending to a large list of recipients. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • You couldn't close the invoice creation screen if you added a contact from the contact select dropdown when creating an invoice

  • Stripe payments weren’t going through due to an error 

  • The owner field wasn’t showing on internal forms