June 11, 2020 | Keap

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Keap mobile update: Custom notification tones have arrived for iOS!

Too busy to pick up? Now you can hear whether it’s time to drop what you’re doing or let it go until later. Pick from up to 12 notification tones, and get an audible cue when your Keap contacts need your attention.

Campaigns update: Use tag categories in the Tag Applied goal

If you like to keep a tidy tagging system, this update will delight you. You can now trigger the Tag Applied goal based on tag categories as well as tags themselves. This will come in handy when you have a campaign that will work for multiple tag types in a category. Learn more.

Landing Pages update: Revision history, faster performance, and a cleaner look...oh my!

We think you’re going to like the most recent updates to Landing Pages. In addition to updating the look and feel to be more consistent with the product, you can expect much faster load times, and you can also access your revision history. Faster, cleaner, and all-around neater. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes the calendars for selecting dates would load at the very bottom of the page instead of directly underneath the related field. (Known Issue 2040928)
  • When a Pipeline deal was dragged to another stage, it appeared as if the deal was duplicated until the page was refreshed.
  • Free trial upgrades to paid versions of Keap were failing for customers in England.