Manage your dashboard


Growth dashboard widgets
The Contacts, New Leads, and New Clients widgets on your Dashboard make it easy to see changes in your contact list size. These widgets report crucial metrics for your business and can help you identify where you can focus to continue to grow your business.
Help panel and Learning and Support page
Our in-app help panel and dedicated Learning and Support page include useful links, details on how to contact Keap Support, and videos explaining how to use key Keap features. Click the question mark icon in the lower, left-hand corner of the navig...
Tasks dashboard widget
Overview The Tasks   widget shows a list of tasks sorted by due date Checking a task will mark it as complete You can uncheck a task if you accidentally marked it as complete Tasks that you marked as Complete  will no long...
Appointments dashboard widget
The Appointments   widget show your upcoming appointments for the next 7 days and the contacts associated with those appointments. The appointments widget is located on your dashboard. Click on the " Send invite " button to se...
Add Tasks
You can add a task on the contact record and it will show up in your task list on the home page dashboard.  Click M ore Select Add a task Enter details for the task Click Save To view tasks or mark a task as completed fro...
Notification center
The " Notification center " will notify you of the status of an action that was triggered by you. The first notification display will be the status of your contact import. Contact import notifications will tell you when: Your import ...
Global Action Button
The global action button on the Dashboard allows access to key actions from anywhere in the Keap application. Use the button to add contacts, create a task, send an email, or add a note to a contact record. You may also see options to use Smart For...
Google Reviews dashboard widget
More reviews means more incoming leads for your business. And now it's even easier to get them with Google Reviews. Increase your online findability, see who’s reviewed you, and easily send tailored messages to request more reviews.
Custom Dashboard
Keap includes the ability to customize your dashboard so you can see the information that's relevant to your business and remove the rest. Each user in Keap can customize their own dashboard to get exactly the information they need.
Rearrange Dashboard widgets
Your Dashboard widgets can rearranged, allowing you to put important information right where you need it.
Groups widget
Pro and Max users can create a contact list widget to keep an eye on the size of your lists and dig in straight from your dashboard.
Email Health Widget
The Email Health dashboard widget gives you insightful and actionable feedback to help you get your emails into your contact's inbox. The Email Health dashboard widget is available in  Ultimate  too! Set it up To get started, c...