February 10, 2020 | Keap

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Introducing weekly updates

Things are moving faster than ever here at Keap. We're moving from monthly updates to weekly ones. Each week, keep an eye out for the latest fixes, updates, and releases.

Keap Pro - Smart forms are moving!

Wondering where Smart Forms went? To make it easier to manage them, they're now located in Settings. Find them in the Settings menu under "Smart Forms." Learn more.

Keap Lite - New Dashboard

You now have access to more widgets that will help you track your daily work, like tasks, appointments, and recent activity. Wondering where your contacts in stages (Lead, Client, Invoiced, Paid) went? You can find them in “Contacts” in your navigation menu under the “Contact lists” tab.

You can also access quick actions like messages, tasks, emails, and notes from your "New" button in the top banner. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for help. Learn more.

Keap Mobile - Snooze

We’re excited to introduce Snooze and Nightly Snooze. Pause notifications, send custom auto-replies, set out of office messages, and more. Learn more.

Keap Mobile - Text Message Templates

Stop writing the same text over and over again with text message templates. Start with an easy-to-edit template or create your own. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • The "Sent on" date in Keap's Broadcast section displayed the date that the broadcast was started, instead of the date that the broadcast was actually sent out.
  • When scrolling down a saved a list in Keap, not all contacts were loaded from the saved list and the scroll would get stuck.