April 10, 2020 | Keap

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Appointments update: Invite contacts to meet via text message

Whether your clients prefer email or text, now you can message them in the way they prefer. Simply toggle to the "Text" view, edit your appointment invite message and send, right from your desktop. Be sure to download the Keap mobile app and get your Business Line first. Learn more.

Introducing: SMS (Text message) templates

Save time by creating and managing templates for your repetitive messages so you never have to copy and paste them again. Look for the templates icon wherever you can send text messages. Learn more.

Campaign Builder update: Keyboard Shortcut Menu (Keap Pro)

Automate like a pro with keyboard shortcuts in the Campaign Builder. Speed up your process by quickly selecting, unselecting, duplicating and deleting elements, as well as zooming in and out. Access the menu by clicking the keyboard button on the Campaign Builder canvas. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • Some campaigns with a very specific set up were not removing contacts who had achieved an exit goal. (Known Issue 1897926)
  • Some Infusionsoft API calls were not returning payment_plan details as they should have according to the Infusionsoft API documentation. (Known Issue 1933028)
  • Past due payments on orders with payment plans were displaying the past due payment as an upcoming payment when previewing an invoice (Known Issue 1968924)
  • After abandoning a contact import and beginning another import of a different type, the matched and unmatched data field counts presented information from the original import that was abandoned. 
  • On booking pages, using the arrow buttons to change the day for the appointment prevented clients from being able to select a prior date on the calendar widget.
  • Users could not tell what data had been selected in a decision diamond when revising a selection.