Appointments - Setting up the appointment booking page

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Once your Google Calendar has been connected to Keap, you will setup your appointment booking page.  In this article you will personalize the attributes of the appointment day and time they can book.

  • Set your appointment location, the days and times of the week that clients can schedule with you
  • Choose Google Calendars to check for conflicts and the Google Calendar the appointments will actually be booked on
  • Preview your appointment booking page, then Share it with a client or prospects

Setting appointment preferences

Name - Enter a name to associate with the type of appointment link i.e. Consultation


  • Phone 
  • Meeting URL
  • In-person
    • Physical Address
    • Specify a location with instructions. This can include an address and text. (i.e. 1953 Rowes Lane - Main building or simply - Frank to meet client at their location)
    • The value in the location field is included in the event in Google - Coming soon

Duration - Select the duration you want the appointment availability, choose from 15, 50, 45 , 90 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours increments

Buffer time - The option of putting a buffer time of 15, 30, or 45 minutes between appointments

Does the buffer time get added before or after the meeting?

Both. Selecting a buffer time of 15 minutes will add a 15 minute buffer time before and after your meeting. 

If I enable buffer times of 15 minutes, does that the closest my appointments can be scheduled together is 30 minutes?

No, buffer times will overlap so you will only have 15 minutes between appointments.


  • Choose time frames across any day of the week that you want to be available
  • Click "+ Add another time frame for this day" gives you the option to add additional time frames to that day

  • The "x" can remove the time frame (Days without time frames will not have a check mark above the day and will be unavailable)

  • Once you set the desired days and times click "Next" located in the top right corner

Pro tip! Our Appointment Booking page is super smart and knows when it is Daylight Savings, so you will see different times if the dates viewed are after a time change.

Selecting your Google Calendars

The check boxes under "Your Google Calendars” will allow the booking page to check multiple Google Calendars, to remove any booked days & times, so that only truly available days & times are shown to your client.

When multiple calendars are checked, a drop down will appear, "Add new appointments to”. This is where you select which calendar the appointments will actually be booked on.

Click "Next" to move on

Note: If only one calendar is selected you will not see  "Add new appointments to” during initial setup or "Which Google Calendar should we add new appointments to?” when making edits after the initial setup. The drop down appears when multiple calendars are checked.

Appointment Booking Page 

Preview live page - This will open up the appointment booking page that your clients and prospects will see when they click on the link from emails, text messages, or social media posts.

Copy link - Copy the booking page URL to paste into any messaging platform or website (SMS, email, social media, website button, etc...)

Email link - share the appointment link with anyone regardless of if they are a contact in Keap or not

Click "Done" in the top right corner when finished

Send and Copy links from Home Page

You can quickly view your upcoming appointments, invite someone to meet with you, copy the appointment link, or jump to view all appointments–all directly from your “Home” page