Quotes - Send from a Contact Record

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Create quotes to send directly to your Infusionsoft contacts. Quotes can be converted into a payable invoice with the click of a button, after your contact clicks the "Accept Quote" button. 

Create quote

  1. Navigate to Contact Record

  2. Click on "Money" Tab

  3. Click "Create Quote"

Customize quote

  • Adjust the quote date by clicking the date and selecting from a date picker

  • Click "Add line item" to select or add a product or service

  • Add Notes and Terms by typing in the notes and terms section of the quote

Pro-Tip! All quote progress automatically saves and is indicated by a message on the bottom left of the screen

Sending quote

  • Click "Next" to personalize the email before sending

  • When finished click "Save & send"

Email examples

More actions

The "More actions" drop down menu contains Preview quote, Convert to invoice, Copy link to quote, Print quote, or Delete

  • Preview quote an example of what your client will receive

  • Convert to invoice  creates an invoice from the quote

  • Copy link to quote automatically copies the link to the quote. The link can paste in an email or text message

  • Print quote pulls up options to printer

  • Delete removes quote record

Quote statuses

  •  Draft indicates the quotes has not been sent

  • Sent the quote email has been sent to your customer

  • Viewed  the quote was viewed by your customer

  • Accepted your customer accepted their quote 

  • Accepted & invoiced the accepted quote was converted to an invoice

  • Invoiced quote was converted to an invoice without your customer accepting it