Appointments - Using appointment booking page

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Now that you have setup your Appointment booking page, it's time to start using it!  Below you will find examples of the Mobile Browser and Desktop View.  Once the appointment booking page URL is clicked,  a calendar and time view is displayed.

Pro Tip! 

Starting in early August, 2019, your users will be able to schedule appointments up to 3 years in advance instead of the current limit of 60 days.

Choose a date & time

  1. The dark gray, bold dates in the calendar to choose days with open times to schedule

  2. The days in light gray are days without any time openings

  3. The different days will display available openings on the right

  4. Start times begin every 15-minutes.

Pro tip! Our Appointment Booking page is super smart and knows when it is Daylight Savings, so you will see different times if the dates viewed are after a time change.

Secure the appointment

  1. Clients enter their first name, last name, email address, and phone number (optional)

  2. Clients also have the option to not receive marketing emails from the Infusionsoft by Keap by unchecking the consent to email marketing checkbox.

  3. By clicking "Cancel", they are able to choose an alternate date & time

  4. Once they click "Confirm", both you and your client will receive an email with the appointment details

    Desktop Secure

Pro tip! Your clients who ARE NOT yet contacts within Infusionsoft will be added when they click the Confirm button and your clients who are in Infusionsoft by Keap will be updated. 

Confirmation Screen

On the appointment confirmation screen and emails, you and your clients can review the information about the appointment.  

Desktop Confirmation

 Confirmation appointment email to your client

Desktop Confirmation

Note: These emails are from the user's email (instead of no-reply system emails from Infusionsoft) so clients can reply back and users will see their reply.

Confirmation appointment email to you

When a client clicks the Confirm button on the appointment booking page, the user is sent the following email:

Desktop Confirmation