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Mobile app features are expanding with Keap Grow

If you’re a Keap Grow user, manage your contacts with stages in the Keap Mobile iOS app. Know exactly where your contacts are in your business and sales lifecycle. All in an effort to help you manage your business while on the go. Learn more.


  1. Purchase or have free trial of Keap Grow.
  2. Download Keap mobile app from app store.
  3. Login to keap mobile app.

 1. log into the mobile app and connect to your Keap Grow application.  The App opens on the Home page. The Home icon is displayed in the lower left hand corner and returns you to the Home page when clicked.

Your contact stages are: Leads, Clients, Invoiced, Paid, and All contacts.

2. The number of contacts in each stage is listed on the right.

3. Click on a stage to access the list of contacts.


4. (Optional) To change a contact's stage from the All Contacts tab, click on the stage indicator to the right of the contact name and select the desired stage from the pop-up menu.

5.  (Optional) Change the stage from an existing contact record by clicking on the contact record (from a list or from search) and select the desired stage     from the top of the contact record.

6.  (Optional) Click the Plus icon at the bottom right to add a new contact.

7. Select your method of adding your new contact.

8. Add your new contact information to the contact fields and click Done in the upper right hand corner. On the next screen, select a stage for the new contact and click Save in the upper right hand corner.

9.  Your new contact is added. Click View contact to access the new contact record and to view the current stage.

9.  (Optional) Click Send an introduction after adding a new contact.

10.  A pre-filled, introduction email pops-up ready to edit and send.