March 12, 2020 | Keap

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New navigation item: Getting started

You may notice a new item in your left-hand navigation. We’re introducing an enhanced onboarding experience designed to help new (and existing) customers get oriented with Keap. Learn more.

Import new contacts the easy way: Introducing Google Import

Save time importing your new contacts. Just connect your Google account and import your contacts into Keap. Go to the Contacts tab in your navigation to find your import options. Learn more.

Lead Forms update: Quickly access and edit your form

We’re constantly exploring ways to save you time and found one with Lead Forms. Rather than having to click into the Lead Forms card from Settings, your form is now immediately displayed upon clicking from the main Settings page. Learn more.  

Take action faster with global action buttons

Access popular actions from anywhere with the new global action button. Add a contact or note, create a task, or send an email with one click. Learn more.

Contact record update: Know who’s engaged with email open status

Wondering if your client read your last email, or opened your last invoice? Now you can see who’s opened your emails, and when it was opened right from the contact record email history feed. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, if contacts were updated via a Smart Form and the email and phone fields were left blank, if that information existed on the contact record it was deleted. (Known Issue 1931837)

  • When deleting items in a campaign sequence, the confirmation window indicated that all items in the sequence would be deleted, but only the selected items were deleted. (Known Issue 1943107)

  • When users with assigned contacts had their role changed to “Staff,” the user was unable to view their assigned contacts until changing the user role to a level above “Staff.”