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The Global Actions Button on the Dashboard allows access to key actions from anywhere in the Keap application. Use the Global Actions Button to add contacts, send text messages, create a task, send an email, or add a note to a contact record.

1. Click the Global Actions Button in the top navigation bar

2. A drop-down appears below with a list of actions that include: Contact, message, task, Email, and Note. 

Add a Contact

1. Click on Contact to add a contact. You can use the Keap basic "add a contact" form or, if you have configured a Smart Form, you can select the appropriate form from the My smart forms list. Click Manage smart forms to be redirected to the Smart Forms section on the Campaigns tab to create a new Smart form.


2. Click on the desires form for adding a contact

3. Fill in the fields, select a contact category (Lead, Customer, Other), and click Save in the upper right hand corner.

Message (send a text message)

1. Click Message from the drop down

2. The Messages tab opens and with a new message ready to configure in the work space. Type in a name or phone number to select the contact you wish to message.


1. Click Task on the drop down to add a new task

2. Fill in the fields to add your new task and select a contact to associate this task with from the Associated Contact drop down. Click Save when complete.

Email (send an email)

1. Click Email on the drop down to send a new email

2. Select a contact, Fill in the fields, type in your message, toggle your signature block (optional), and click Send. You can also add an attachment or an appointment booking link in the bottom left corner.

Note (add a note to a contact record)

1. Click Note on the drop down to add a note to a contact record

2. Click in the Contact field, and type in your contact name, or select a contact from the drop down.

3. Add your note and click the Save note button