WePay closure and next steps - Canada

This article applies to:

This article applies to Canada customers only. For U.S. customers, please reference this article.

IMPORTANT: Keap negotiated with WePay to delay shutting down their payment processing until April 15, 2024. While this gives you more time to migrate to Stripe or another processor, we encourage you to start the process as soon as possible.

What’s Happening?

Chase, the parent company of WePay, informed Keap that they are shutting down WePay operations in 2024. Starting April 15, 2024, Keap customers will no longer be able to process payments using WePay.

Keap will be releasing the next iteration of payments in Keap, called Keap Pay, by mid-2024. Keap Pay represents the future of payments at Keap that will bring enhanced support and functionality to your business automation within Keap. Unfortunately, Keap Pay will not be available by the time WePay closes on April 15th.

Therefore, to ensure uninterrupted payment processing, we recommend implementing Stripe as your alternative payment processor. Stripe will give you the most functionality within Keap for your business and will provide the greatest flexibility in switching to Keap Pay when it goes live in Canada.

General FAQs

What will happen to my credit card data?
Your credit card data is being securely stored. 

Will my processing rates change?
Your processing rates will depend on the processor you choose. Stripe offers the same sticker rate as WePay and your processing costs should remain the same.

How will it impact my Keap account?
There are 2 primary ways this change will affect your Keap account:

  • Active recurring payments will fail after WePay’s closure, including payment plans and subscriptions in Classic/Ultimate.
  • Keap Classic/Ultimate order forms and shopping cart may need to be updated if they are set to WePay.

How do I avoid failed recurring payments? 

  • Pro/Max Customers: Keap offers a Data Migration service that can assist moving these active recurring payments to your new processor in Keap. Reach out to your CSM for more information.
  • Keap Classic/Ultimate: You can use our payment migration tool to move your payments from WePay to Stripe. Please follow the directions on this page to use the Payment Migration Tool.

IMPORTANT: Do not use this tool if you have set up subscriptions in your Keap account using the PayPal buttons. This tool will break those subscriptions. Please contact your CSM to discuss the Data Migration service Keap offers to avoid problems with your PayPal subscriptions.

Where do I get my questions answered?
Technical questions can be answered by our amazing Support team. Other questions can be taken to your CSM.

How to set up Stripe

  1. Create a Stripe account if you don’t already have one. 
  2. Connect your Stripe account to Keap
    1. Pro/Max/Ultimate: You can follow these instructions.
    2. Classic: Follow these instructions.
  3. Follow the “How do I avoid failed recurring payments?” section above as needed.
  4. Review your app to ensure there are no issues. Connect with Support if questions arise. 
    1. Classic/Ultimate: Review your Order Forms, Payment Plans and Shopping Cart to ensure they are not connected to WePay.