May update 2018 | Keap

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Optimal send time for email broadcasts

By harnessing behavioral data from your contact's email engagement activities and "big data" collected from our email sending servers, we have created a service which calculates the best time to send an email to a given group of recipients. Click here to learn more.


Deal is now present on contact record

If you open a contact record that is associated with a Deal, a Deal Card will display. If the contact is associated with multiple Deals, all deals will display next to each other. Click here to learn more.

New contact import features

Read the article to learn how to import contacts in Infusionsoft.

  • Tag contacts on-the-fly while importing contacts
  • Send a broadcast or add contacts to a sequence at the conclusion of a contact import.

Latest broadcast dashboard widget

With the Latest Broadcasts Dashboard Widget you can quickly view your open and click-through rate.

Deal activity feed

With the Deal Activity Feed, you can see a full history of stage-to-stage deal movement.

Keyboard shortcuts

Quickly navigate Infusionsoft using keyboard shortcuts!

Sales pipeline dashboard widget

Get a quick overview of your pipeline with the new Pipeline Dashboard Widget.

GDPR: anonymize a contact

New features are coming May 22nd to help you comply with GDPR regulations:

Also, be sure to check out the GDPR Readiness Guide!

Branding update

The Infusionsoft web application has been updated with the new Infusionsoft branding. Not only do we have new eye-catching colors and designs – our web application has a higher degree of accessibility, making it easier to use for those with limited vision.