July update 2018 | Keap

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Export contacts

Easily export contacts from Infusionsoft. From the contact page, select the desired contact(s), click export, then download the .csv file.

Birthday field

The birthday field of the contact record has been updated. In addition to using the up and down arrows to enter the contact's birth year, you can now simply type in the year.

Workflow assistant

Launch a campaign quickly and easily using your workflow assistant. The workflow assistant will ask you a few questions before generating a campaign with the information you provide. Simply preview the outgoing email and approve.

Use the workflow assistant with any campaign labeled “Guided quick setup.” We’re adding new campaigns all the time, so be sure to “Explore campaigns” often.  For detailed instructions,  click here.

Currency settings

Use the billing currency setting to select the currency format and symbol that your customers see. When your customer makes a payment, the currency format and symbol will match the currency they are being charged in. For detailed instructions,  click here.

Content risk services

Over the next several weeks, we will release built-in functionality to help you avoid triggering spam filters when sending an email broadcast. Certain keywords can trigger these filters, which send your email straight to your contact’s junk folder, where it sits unread. Now you can check your emails for these keywords by clicking the “Spam” icon in the email builder. These keywords will also be flagged when you click “Review and send” before sending your email. Click here to see how!

Simplified deal card creation in pipeline

It's now easier to add a contact, value, and note to your Deal Card. After the contact is added, simply click the card to add additional contacts, Team Members, notes, and emails. For more information, click here 

API additions and changes