December update 2018 | Keap

This article applies to:

Guided quick setup

Preview your message before launching a campaign with Guided Quick Setup, and return to edit the campaign even after it has launched. For more information, click here

Google maps address in contact records

Save time and ensure accuracy with address auto fill. Start typing a customer’s address in their contact record, and the remaining fields will auto fill if the address is found through Google Maps. For more information, click here

Create custom fields during import

Create custom fields for your contact records while importing contact data. For more information, click here

Follow up with new contacts

Promptly follow up with your new contacts with an email sent directly from their contact record. Select an email template, customize it if you’d like, and schedule it to send immediately or the next business day. For more information, click here

Email Sync with Gmail

Sync with your Gmail account. Every time you send or receive an email from one of your Infusionsoft contacts, it will be stored in their contact record. For more info, click here