Workflow Assistant - Guided quick setup

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Launch a campaign quickly and easily using your workflow assistant. Simply preview the outgoing email and approve.

Setup Campaign

  1. Click "Campaigns" from left navigation 


  2. Click "Explore Campaigns"


  3. Click "Get started" from any card that is labeled "Guided quick setup"


We’re adding new campaigns all the time, so be sure to explore campaigns by clicking "Show more campaigns"

  1. Click "Start Setup"


    1. Edit your message on the left  

    2. Preview message on the right

  2. When finished click "Next"

  3. Your Setup is complete

    1. Click "Send test" to send a test email to any email address listed in the Email Address field. By default it will list your profile email but simply delete and replace with any email address you would like to receive the test email. 

    2. Once done click "Publish"

Edit Campaign

  1. Navigate to Campaigns 

  2. From a published campaign card click "Campaign details"

  3. Click "Edit"
  4. Edit your email message and click Next when finished

  5. Click Publish new changes to update email message

Note: Only contacts added after the update will receive the new email message