November update 2018 | Keap

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Access contacts anywhere

Click on a contact from any other place in the app and see that the contact record opens and you remain on the same page in the app, this includes the top Search field. 

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Appointments - multiple appt types

Allow your customers to choose from multiple appointments types when scheduling with you. Create bookable appointments for specific services, such as a coaching session or kickoff call, and customize the appointment title, length of appointment, and your availability. For more information, click here

Broadcast email builder

Quickly send high quality emails using the Broadcast Email Builder from your computer or mobile device., for more information, click here.

Invoice deposit

Request upfront payment or deposits using Infusionsoft invoices. Send one invoice to collect a deposit and allow your client to pay the remainder at a later time. For more information, click here

Adding dates and payment terms to invoice

Add notes and payment terms to your invoices to make them easy to understand and easy to pay. For more information, click here

Appointments widget

With the Appointments widget, you can view all of your upcoming appointments, and send invites for new appointments, all from your "Home" page. For more information, click here