Gmail Sync

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Gmail sync captures the email communications that occurs in Gmail into your contact record. There are two ways that you can initiate the gmail sync feature.

How it works

  • Every correspondence you send from or receive to your Gmail account will appear on the Email tab of the Contact Record. It does not display any emails to/from non-contacts.

One way sync

  • Emails you send from Keap won't sync back to your Gmail account but it is recorded in the Activity and Email tab of the Contact Record

Identify synced emails

  • Easily identify emails that were sent by you through your Gmail account or emails you received from your contact, by the time stamp. Also, green envelopes indicates an email received from the Contact.


  • No attachments will be synced

Contact's main email

  • The Contact Record consists of one main Email address field and two additional Email address fields, which are located under Additional info. Emails sent to and/or received from the additional email addresses will not be included in the Email history. Only emails sent to or received from the contact’s main email address will sync in Keap.

Email history

  • The email history starts from the moment you enable the sync. Any emails sent before the sync will not be shown in the Email history.   

Setup Email Sync from Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings, located in the top right drop down

  2. Go to the Integrations card near the bottom of the page, click Manage integrations

  3.  You can either:
    1. Click Enable on the Google Gmail card
    2. Or click Connect an app in the top right corner

4.  Select the Gmail account you would like to sync
5. Click Allow

Note: Keap will never ask for nor store your Google password.

Set up Email Sync from a Contact Record

If you haven't already set up Email Sync, you will see an option to do so on the Contact Record

  1. On the Contact Record, select the Email icon  
  2. Click Sync an email account
  3. Click Connect
  4. Choose the Gmail account you would like to sync
  5.  Click Allow

Note: Keap will never ask for nor store your Google password.