Keap Payments - who Is WePay?

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WePay is the payment technology company that Keap has partnered with to build Keap Payments. WePay is the most flexible and easy to use payment processing solution designed specifically as a payment enablement solution for platforms like Keap. You can learn more about WePay here.

I have a question about Keap Payments, should I contact WePay or Keap?

Keap Payments is fully supported by the Keap Support team. All questions or issues can be directed to the Keap Payments support team via in-app chat or phone. Click here for Keap Support contact information.

Why do emails for Keap Payments come from [email protected]?

As our payment technology partner for Keap Payments, WePay will send you emails on behalf of Keap Payments in regards to activity on your account and actions that may be required. If you have any questions about these emails, simply contact our support team here.

Where are the WePay terms of service & privacy policy?

Click here to view the WePay terms of service & privacy policy. When signing up for Keap Payments you are agreeing to the terms outlined on this page.