November 5, 2020 | Keap

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Automations update: Campaigns moved to the Automations page

Your campaigns have moved to the Automations page in an “Advanced” tab. You now have separate tabs for your Easy Automations, as well as your Advanced Automations (formerly Campaigns). None of your functionality’s just moving to a different room of the house. Learn more.

Forms update: Smart forms and lead forms renamed to better reflect their function

In an effort to improve understanding of our features, we’ve renamed Smart forms and Lead forms. Smart forms (used to add important, often custom details to new contacts) are now called Internal forms and are filled out by you or other employees. Lead forms (often posted on websites, landing pages, and social media platforms) are now called Public forms and are filled out by your prospects or clients.

Bug fixes

  • The Appointments page would sometimes freeze when the “Show appointments only” option was selected.