November 13, 2020 | Keap

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Contact record update: Direct access to Tasks quick actions

It’s easier to create and manage tasks from your contact record. We’ve pulled Tasks out of the “more” menu and into the quick actions buttons to give you fast access to a more frequently used tool. You’ll now find the “call” action in the “more” menu. 

Bug fixes

  • Contact lists were being sorted alphabetically by first name instead of last name when filtered by criteria that included company names. (Known Issue 2201353)
  • The Appointments activity card on contact records could not reliably load information about appointments 31+ days into the future.
  • When filtering Tasks by a specific user, the dashboard widget would not display any tasks. 
  • The drop-down menu for Advanced Automations did not always reflect the correct options for the selected automation.
  • Contacts were marked as “unmarketable” instead of “non-marketable” during Google contact imports when users indicated that they could not market to the contacts.
  • Custom company date fields were not saving to company records.