November 19, 2020 | Keap

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Easy Automations update: Stop conditions

We've introduced a “stop” function, which removes contacts from an automation once they’ve achieved the desired outcome. This way, they get the right amount of planned touchpoints to get them to the finish more, no less. You now have even more control of your Easy Automations. Learn more

Easy Automations update: Internal forms

You can now kick off your Easy Automation when an Internal form is submitted. Once your “When” automation is triggered, tee up a variety of “Then” actions, ranging from an automated email follow up, to assigning tasks or reminders to yourself or your team, and more. You can also use the “stop” function to remove someone after an Internal form is submitted. Learn more.

Checkout forms update: Recurring payments (Keap Max)

Keap Max now have an easy way to charge for your services on a recurring basis with Checkout forms. This eliminates the need to manually enter a client’s credit card details, or invoice them over and over. Learn more.