Campaigns renamed Advanced Automations in Keap

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With the recent launch of Easy Automations, we identified a need for consistency and clarity in Keap as we take workflow automation to the masses. We then conducted research to determine how we could best present our tools for automation.

We are making the following changes to Campaigns in Keap on Nov. 5:

  • Campaigns will be located within the “Automations” navigation menu item in an “Advanced” tab that exists alongside “Easy” automations
  • Campaigns will be referred to as “advanced automations”


What will the changes look like in Keap apps?
See the final pages of this document for before and after images of the side navigation panel and the advanced automations tab.

Will the functionality of the Campaign Builder be impacted by these changes? 
No, the Campaign Builder’s functionality will be unaffected. However, when speaking about the Campaign Builder in Keap, we will instead use the term “advanced automation builder” and refer to “campaigns” as “advanced automations”. 

Will any changes be made to Keap Max Classic? 
No. We will not be changing any naming conventions for Keap Max Classic because that edition does not include an “easy” form of automation.

Will Keap Lite users be able to access advanced automations?
No. Keap Lite users will not see the Easy and Advanced tabs or any advanced automation templates. Lite users will only have access to Easy Automations.

How did you decide on these names?
We conducted a study where participants watched demonstrations of Easy Automations and the Campaign Builder, then asked participants to name each feature and explain why they chose that name.

What will this look like in my Keap app? 
Refer to the examples below.

Navigation menu

Before Nov. 5

On Nov. 5

Campaigns list

Before Nov. 5

On Nov. 5

Advanced tab and template library (no automation selected):

Advanced tab with an automation selected: